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How much does a 3D rendering cost and what does its price depend on?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

The answer to the question of how much it costs to make a render is possibly the most difficult one to answer in our industry. If you have already inquired to different architectural visualization studios, you will have realized that the difference in price for a 3D render between one visualization studio and another can be huge. In this article we'll try to explain why.

render 3d baño vivienda
3D rendering of a bathroom for a house. Visualisation: Render4tomorrow. Design: Render4tomorrow

Since 2013, we have provided 3D visualisation for a wide range of projects in terms of scale and complexity. From the most private sphere - interior housing refurbishment - to large-scale urban projects - such as the master plan for the HESAV University Campus in Zürich.

render 3d exterior vivienda
3D rendering for a house in Zurich. Visualisation: Render4tomorrow. Design: Daluz Gonzalez Architekten


If we take into account the different circumstances surrounding each project, it would not be fair to put the same price for all assignments. These are the factors that we consider in Render4tomorrow when quoting the 3d images of a project:

  • Number of images required: All elements shared between images of the same project (materialisation, 3D model, etc.) will be taken into account.

  • Type of rendering: (interior/exterior/aerial/VR 360). As a general rule, the price of the image will be in line with the amount of space to be visualized. Therefore, an interior rendering of a small space will require less effort and budget than an aerial image for an urban planning project.

  • Type of project and scale: housing, residential, hotel, offices, university campus, etc.

  • Will a 3D model be provided? If so, we will make all the necessary prior adjustments so that the level of detail of the model is optimal to get images of the expected quality. If not, we would ask for the 2D plans of the project in order to build this 3D model ourselves.

  • Deadline.

render master plan exterior
Exterior rendering for Master Plan in Zürich. Visualisation: Render4tomorrow. Design: Jan Kinsbergen Architekt


We always recommend our clients to put quality before quantity in a project. It is important to stop and make a preliminary analysis of the project and determine which images are really necessary to bring the project to life, so that we can focus all our efforts on ensuring that they are as detailed and of the highest visual quality as possible. The message to be transmitted must be direct, concise and with the capacity to inspire and make an impact on the target audience.


If you want to know how much it costs to make the 3D renderings of your project, please email us at, sending us the information about your project that we have mentioned above.

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