Architektur Rendering - Haus in Nottwil - HF Architektur

Updated: Feb 24

Visualisierung Luzern @Render4tomorrow X HF Architektur

It's always a pleasure to work with HF Architektur, a great group of talented architects in the beautiful city of Luzern, Switzerland.

This time it was all about a house in Nottwil, a cosy municipality in the district of Sursee in the canton of Luzern.

Let's be honest: this was our very first attempt at creating a snowy atmosphere... but it was so funny!

In this project, we were given unlimited freedom to explore different solutions for the interior design, something that we really enjoyed.

Visualisierung Luzern @Render4tomorrow X HF Architektur

Visualisierung Luzern @Render4tomorrow X HF Architektur

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